Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eva's Musings

What follows is a note from Eva summing up her experience in Peru....

Dear Joe, I am a little slow in sharing my thoughts and feelings about the trip to Peru but I still wanted to share at least with you if no one else. Your questions were good promptors for my thinking so thank you. Before we left and during the planning I guess I anticipated just being together and being able to see where you all had lived so I could enjoy the memories you had had as a family before I was born. Those 2 things were the reasons I wanted to go. I don't have disappointments except it would have been nice to speak spanish to get more out of the experience. I also am not sure I would change anything, although I do wish I could share it better with my children. So perhaps keeping a better record along the way to present right when I got home when my kids were enthusiastic to hear my story would have been better. I always love traveling to see and smell and taste and listen to new culture and enjoy the differences and beauties that are new to me. My favorite experience was seeing the room where Lucy was born. I felt and strong and reverent feeling there and was grateful to think of Mom and her great impact in our lives and the love and sacrifices she seemingly enjoyed giving to us. I also love that we were all there together and that each person was making sacrifices for the good of the whole. Being a unified family feels so good! I also loved the awe and reverence I felt at Machu Pichu. It felt so good and fresh and like such a blessing to be up on top and see the beautiful creations of God and his children. I loved petting the animals and seeing the amazing handiwork. I love thinking about the patient work done by so many to build the structures and defenses that we saw.I loved the fun conversations on the bus rides and elsewhere. I loved hearing memories of your childhoods. I loved being together!!!!!!!!. The guides and drivers were wonderful to us and I felt like they supported us beautifully. I am grateful to everyone who helped plan this trip, it was a valuable gift to us all. I felt very spoiled and really hope no one felt overworked at my expense. Thank you to everyone for your great effort to create a cherished memory for me. Love, Eva

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