Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17th 2009
I have thought alot about the overall experience of Peru and although I struggle with putting into words maybe I can add a note here.
The greatest initial motivator for me to go on this trip was to be with my siblings and spouses. We have never made a trip as couples before and the thought of being all together was awesome regardless of where we were going. The fact that we were going to Peru was frosting on the cake. For many years I have wanted to see Machu Pichu and had dreamt what it would be like and then went with some fear that I would be disappointed, the opposite was true and I was taken backk by the beauty and the majesty of it all. I was totally taken in by what seemed to be an impossible task of building such a place in a location that high in the mountains. The other areas we saw brought different emotions and the one that was the most humbling was Los Uros islands. I have thought seriously many times since the visit of the total self sufficiency of the place and even as I lost my job when I came home I thought in there circumstance they have no rent, no taxes and learn to make do with what they produce for themselves. I don't believe I could live that way and pretty sure I have gotten use to the creature comforts around me so I honor those great people and there sacrifice for living.
The kindness of the people in Peru was great and though I was molested somewhat by the tenacity of the street vendors overall I was taken by the kindnesses shown to us. In Toquepala I felt we were treated like royalty and was very appreciative of the tenderness shown by Teresa (our host) as it relates to the purpose of our being in Toquepala. Joe was the first to acknowledge the feeling of the presence of Mom with us. I didn't get the feeling until we were at the hospital and saw the room where Lucy was born and then I was overwhelmed with the feeling of completeness of our family unit in Peru all togther.
Mine was an experience of patience as I witnessed the kindness of my siblings toward those less healthy. I know I have much to learn from my family and certainly patience and tolerance for the challenges of others is a major thing.
I have to add that as I navigate through other peoples lives and hear the comments made about inlaws that have married into there families I feel extra blessed to have such awesome, wonderful and uplifting inlaws. Thank you for your shared love with me and mine.
I give a shout out to Joe and Lucy for all the work done in advance to make this trip so special. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a unique experience shared with each of you and my wonderful companion Sheri. Harold

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  1. Thanks for posting your summary Harold. I agree with the amazing experiences you mentioned and also that being there with each other was the real joy of the journey.