Monday, February 2, 2009

Doesn't really matter where we go....

was how I felt getting ready to go. I was mostly excited that we were taking a trip as a family. The where could have been most any place. I have often felt like "how could anything be any better" as we have visited different countries. Peru was no exception. I came away with stirrings to study the history of such a people as I was introduced to, the Inca Indians and their history. From the majesty of the mountains and rivers to the awe inspiring life of the lake people.
Highlights for me would be just about everything we did because everyday was such an incredible experience and full of something new. But some would have to be the famous Machu Pichu for the magnitude of where and how it was built and the incredible mountains that surrounded it. Not having any idea what Lake Titicaca was other than floating islands, I was totally overcome with what met us. These warm people living on top of a reed island with hardly anything material except for what they made with their hands including the "ground" they stood on. Talk about living off the land. The mine and Toquepala were a great intrigue just because that was the beginnings for some of the family. Culminating with a quick stop at the hospital where Lucy was born probably in the very room and the very table where mother would have brought Lucy into the world was a touching and powerful witness that Mother was near. Early on in the trip as Carl and I knelt one night we mentioned mother in our prayers then again silently throughout the trip, hopeful that she could be witnessing what was going on with her family. It was a proper ending to an unimaginable trip. The time spent with each other was by far the greatest gift. I am in awe always of each sibling and their spouse for the spice that each brings to the table. Honor thy father and they mother that thy days shall be long (full) upon the land...we witnessed that that is true. Thanks to all!!! Peru has a newly found intrigue for me, a great desire to study the ways of a once incredible empire and people.

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