Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To New Heights

Today was a travel day from Puno to Ilo. Along the way there were very few towns or people so we got to enjoy wide open spaces. Our trip included climbing to 15,800 feet above sea-level (the highest we've been so far) and then descending all the way to the ocean where we checked into the Gran Hotel Ilo.

On the way we stopped at the restaurant of a woman who worked in Toquepala back in the time when we lived here. Her name is Teresina and she is over 80 but still very welcoming and a great cook.

A nature break along the way.Being weird over a culvert.

Amazing lichens that almost swallowed the rocks.

Terzina's restaurant.


  1. I'm glad you all survived the assent to such a high altitude!! What a fun journey, and I'm glad you're on the beach now! Have a great time! I'll have fun freezing here! :)

  2. Those pictures are fantastic! You guys are all crazy! And that's why we love you!

  3. Your pictures are wonderful, and your journal of the trip is so vivid. I can see you all had fun. My friend in Moquegua, Teresita, said she so very much enjoyed meeting all of you, expecially when you sang. Have a safe trip home.